Monday , July 26 2021

seaworks Job Openings

The company was founded in Kuwait in 1991, as a marine services contractor. We have expanded our activities to include marine construction, industrial / Oil & Gas equipment procurement & supply services, transportation & heavy equipment rental, steel fabrication and machining works, and mechanical services.

Administration Manager
Chief Accountant
Cost Accountant
LAN Administrator
Procurement Officer
Civil Engineer – Marine
Site Administration Coordinator
Construction Foreman – Marine
Lead Hydrographic Surveyor
Hydrographic Surveyor
Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Coordinator
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor (Marine)
Marine Maintenance Foreman
Maintenance Foreman
Marine Electrician
Marine Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Heavy Equipment Electrician
Fabrication Foreman
Fabricator / Machinist
Denter / Upholsterer
Radiator Technician
Mechanical Fitter / Oiler
Dredge Master
Dredge Operator
Dredge Mechanic
Marine Rigging Foreman (Khalasi Foreman)
Seaman / Marine Rigger
Crane Operator
Excavator Operator (with Hammer)
Heavy Equipment Operator

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