Wednesday , December 1 2021

Jacobs Job Openings | US | Saudi Arabia | India

Since our company’s founding by Joseph J. Jacobs in 1947, we have gradually evolved from a one-man engineering consultant to the publicly traded Fortune 500 company we are today.

About two-thirds of Jacobs’ consistent growth comes from organic expansion as we serve the changing and growing needs of our customers. Because we partner with our clients and truly understand their business objectives, we work in the locations and industries where they need us to be; and we position ourselves to serve their needs effectively.

Another way Jacobs is able to continuously improve and grow is through acquisition. We have acquired more than 70 businesses, and each one has contributed to our reach and capabilities. Together, as Jacobs, we deliver the benefits of a fully integrated global organization.

Electrical Healper
Combo Welder
Instrument Fitter Helper
Instrument Fitter
Material Control
Packaging & Shipping
Instrument Tech
Pipefitter Foreman
Instrumentation & Electrical Tech
Piping Engineer
Engineering Manager
Sr Estimator
Cost Engineer
Project Manager
Project Control Assistant
Administrator Roastering Clerk
Sr Planner
Cathodic Protection Specialist
Civil/Structural Engineer
IT Finance Specialist
Sr Instrumentation Designer
Principal Instrument Engineer
Contracts Manager
Planning Engineer
Design Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Design Engineer
Project Manager
HVAC Engineer
Assistant – Texation