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Petrobras Latest Job Openings | US

We have upwards of 135 production platforms, 15 refineries, 31,000 kilometers of pipelines and more than 8,000 service stations. Our proved reserves are around 16 billion barrels of oil.

We have built a track record of overcoming challenges since 1953, when the company was created. The main one was developing technology to explore and produce oil in deep and ultra-deep waters, where upwards of 90% of our reserves are nestled. Petrobras’ Research Center is the biggest in Latin America, and is in constant growth.

We undertake our activities with socio environmental responsibility, and that is why we are among the world’s most sustainable corporations. We have been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2006, with the spotlight on the ongoing improvement of the corporate governance practices and on the adoption of international transparency standards.

HSE Representative

Work Permit / Authorization (including job safety analysis, gas testing and Hot Work permitting)
Safety audits (includes permit, work practices and continuous monitoring of refinery to ensure compliance and safe work behavior encouragement)
Monitors, controls and takes action to eliminate hazardous conditions resulting from human error, equipment and machine operations which may lead to injury, environmental release and/or property damage.
Field interpretation of regulations and PRSI policies and procedures (Safety Standards) to the manufacturing organization.
H. monitoring support to understand and communicate potential hazards.

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Construction Lead

Assists PRSI Capital Projects Manager and Project Managers in determining project scopes, in selecting contractors and in selecting equipment vendors.
Manages construction contractors during project construction.
Keeps PRSI Capital Projects Manager apprised of project status.
Monitors construction project safety, cost and progress. Makes changes as necessary to meet project construction goals.
Responsible to get departments involved on issues that require their input or their decisions.
Responsible to coordinate project construction with the departments that will be affected.

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Environmental Manager

Leads and supervises the refinery Environmental Team, including professional development, performance evaluation, and succession planning.
Must have a working knowledge of regulations applicable to a petroleum refinery, and monitor new regulations. Regulatory compliance areas include air, waste water, storm water, spill prevention and control, emissions event reporting, ground water, and remediation. Supports emergency preparedness and other regulatory compliance programs.
Maintains knowledge of emissions control technologies, monitoring technologies, and methods to assess emissions to air, land and water.
Develops and implements policies, procedures and work practices to ensure compliance obligations and reports are completed accurately, and on-time.

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Sr. API Inspection Specialist

Schedule, coordinate, and facilitate inspections on boilers in accordance with the state boiler code.
Provide inspection plans on facility assets (fixed equipment) as dictated by appropriate codes and recommended practices utilizing in-house mechanical integrity software.
Perform inspections on facility assets as dictated by appropriate codes and recommended practices.
Provide recommendations in regard to asset maintenance, repair, or replacement to the equipment owner (Operations Department) utilizing in-house work order management system.
Provides technical assistance to the Maintenance Department Supervisor/ Planners in the daily execution of their work to assure code compliance.

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Analyzer Technician

Develops, monitors and maintains predictive and preventive maintenance programs for refinery analyzers, H2S monitors, and LEL inspections.
Performs monthly Compressed Gas Cylinder Audits.
Develops and implements Preventive Maintenance programs for densitomitor custody and refinery turbine meters.
Trains support personnel in the troubleshooting and maintenance of analyzers and monitors.
Develops work scope, orders material, and coordinates outages required to maintain analyzers, monitors and meters.

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Environment Engineer

Leads environmental analysis on all proposed modifications and obtains air permits as needed, and leads integration of new air permits into refinery compliance systems. Works with Technical Services and Capital Projects groups to identify permit needs as well as develop permit applications.
Primary regulatory compliance areas include: reviewing all MOCs for environmental compliance applicability; obtaining air permits (PBR, Standard Applications, NSR, non-attainment NSR/PSD and Title V);
Responsible for Title V deviation report.
Function as the environmental single point of contact for Zone 1 (or other area as assigned)

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