Wednesday , December 1 2021

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Job Openings | Kuwait

As a leading UN agency, UNDP assists the people of Kuwait to meet its development challenges, particularly the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), through knowledge, experience and resources sharing. UNDP has been working in Kuwait since 1962 cooperating with the Government and civil society to realize the country’s aspirations for sustainable human development. In view of Kuwait’s high human development status, UNDP programming is fully-funded by the state of Kuwait. Programming is designed to support the state of Kuwait to meet its national developmental priorities. Together with the aims of the UN Charter, these national priorities form the basis of all UNDP programming in Kuwait. UNDP partners with all Kuwaiti stakeholders to build national capacity to develop a more efficient public sector, support women’s empowerment, environmental sustainability and private sector development. Our national implementing partner is the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (SCPD).

Security Feild Specialist

Review the latest and advanced multimedia electronics related to the security and recommend the best solutions;
Develop, implement and monitor the following security systems;
Integrated security systems in a single platform by means of CCTV system with different types of cameras systems;
Perimeter Control system network;
Under Vehicle Survey System;
Multi-sensors Thermal Image system;
Motion Detection and recognition system;
Early warning sensor system;

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Knowledge Economy Specialist

Contribute to the development of the mandate of the Knowledge Economy Center;
Develop a Knowledge Economy Strategy in consultation with key stakeholders and after analysis of international experiences;
Identify potential key partners internationally and within the public entities, private sector and academia;
Propose coordination mechanisms and ways of working with partners and relevant public entities;
Develop an annual plan and design and implement pilot knowledge projects in various sectors;
Oversee and manage the staff, assigning roles and responsibilities and providing learning opportunities;
Identify the role of knowledge economy in diversified environments, systems, functions, multi-industries and enterprises;
Build knowledge driven innovation networks for better business environment.

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Information Technoloy Systems Specialist

Based on the guidance of the Head of the CSB, coordinate with the various departments within CSB to understand their IT needs and assess the existing programmes/systems
Develop specific programmes that correspond to the requested surveys needs in a timely manner
Provide timely ad-hoc IT solutions to arising issues or problems
Upgrade and enhance the IT systems at CSB in implementation of the national plan’s IT projects
Assist/provide input to the CSB in coordination and follow up with the GSSCPD on the automated systems for monitoring projects implementation in the annual plans.

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Political Research Specialist

Develop a research strategy for the RSD, in line with the State Ministry for The National Assembly Affairs strategy;
Review the available literature and scientific research on the local politics and parliamentary affairs produced by the RSD and other significant institutions, to recommend the research priorities;
Develop a research policy for the RSD with clearly defined objectives;
Support the RSD by providing clear briefing, evidence-based analysis, sound guidance and support on political research priorities, needs, methodologies and production;
Conduct small and medium size research and develop reports, position papers, white papers, and any type of reports or research relevant to the consultancy, as needed;
Build the department’s staff capacity in research methodologies, data gathering, data analyses, and reporting on political and parliamentary issues;

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