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SAI Engineering Company Job Openings | singapore

SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC), together with its 26 joint ventures and subsidiaries across eight countries, form the SIAEC Group.

The SIAEC Group provides extensive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircraft to more than 80 international airlines worldwide.

With certifications from more than 20 airworthiness authorities, SIAEC’s six hangars and 22 in-house workshops in Singapore provide complete MRO services in airframe, component, engine, aircraft conversions and modifications to major airlines from four continents. Our component, engine and modifications joint ventures forged with the world’s leading engine and component manufacturers, further deepen our MRO service offerings.

At Singapore Changi Airport, SIAEC provides line maintenance services to more than 50 airlines passing through Singapore. We ensure a high level of punctuality for all our customers’ flight departures. Beyond Singapore, our growing network of line maintenance support is extended to airports in Australia, United States, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Acccountant ( Corporate finance)

•Perform financial reviews for new projects and financial oversight for joint ventures
•Prepare and analyze financial statements
•Maintain financial and key operational statistics

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Prepare and monitor operating and capital budgets, accounts and financial records of the company
Coordinate internal and external audits to ensure implementation of appropriate systems, internal controls and compliance with Indonesia and international tax requirements
Assist in constructing business models, obtaining approvals, handling transition matters and any legal documentation

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Engineering Planning Executive

Plan and schedule preventive maintenance tasks in aircraft checks to ensure compliance with requirements
Review all maintenance tasks and preparation of Works Program
Develop and provide for material and tooling requirements
Ensure smooth tasks execution by coordinating with other operational departments
Implement and track approved modification programmes

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Executive Engineer ( Industrail Systems)

Apply interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to define, plan, design, develop and implement proposals for system integration
Review business process flows to propose re-alignment or re-configuration of current processes or systems
Conduct focus group with business units to understand and improve management control systems
Perform feasibility and sensitivity studies of proposed solutions and prepare technical procurement documents
Liaise with consultants for recommendations on needs analysis and evaluate proposals from technology suppliers
Develop integration plans for engineering solution and integrate the various improvement processes to increase efficiency

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Fleet Management Executive (Accounts Payable)

Review and approve invoices to ensure prompt payments
Supervise and verify work performed by supporting staff
Monitor and review disputed payables for resolution with relevant parties
Verify vendor accounts by reconciling monthly statements and related transactions
Perform cost accruals, expenditure reporting, budget monitoring and ensure prompt and accurate management reporting

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Fleet Management Executive ( Inventory Technical Management)

Provide global total spares support for customer aircraft fleet under Inventory Technical Management (ITM) program
Manage component repair process with OEMs and repair shops to achieve highest quality and shortest turnaround time at a reasonable cost
Manage initial provisioning, component planning, warranty, modification, consumables & expendables requirement and logistics of aircraft
Generate weekly/monthly customer reports on KPIs performance, repair status, planning status and warranty claim submission

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Fleet Management Executive (Procurement )

Ensure strict adherence of good procurement practices
Prepare, control and maintain spare/services availability for scheduled maintenance checks
Communicate/coordinate with suppliers, vendors and user divisions to ensure smooth operational functionality
Perform continuous process improvements

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Fleet Management Executive (Warehouse & Logistics)

Manage a sizable warehouse and distribution operations through third party service providers and ensure that the deliverables are met
Manage 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) performance through management reporting and activities based analysis
Participate in the preparation of annual budget and ensure plans, budgets and costs are closely monitored
Lead innovation initiatives to improve warehouse and logistics operations and processes
Handle audits and ensure airworthiness compliance to various authority requirements

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Human Resources Executive

Execute and administer procedures and processes in any one of the following HR functional areas: Manpower Planning, Performance Management, Benefits Administration, Salary Administration, Industrial Relations, SAP HR Systems
Partner with divisions to facilitate organizational changes and resolve HR issues

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Legal Counsel

· Provide legal advice to the SIAEC Group
· Draft, review and negotiate a wide range of contracts, from sales and marketing agreements to joint venture agreements
· Manage contentious matters such as claims and litigation
· Support corporate governance, compliance, and company secretariat matters
· Actively support all other activities undertaken by the Division

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Line Mainteance Executive

Control, monitor and supervise the processing of serviceable/unserviceable aircraft component movements.
Monitor and support logistic management of aircraft components for aircraft maintenance and rectification at Singapore & overseas line stations
Ensure efficient process of Excess Return components to the respective credit sections
Maintain and supervise updates of aircraft configuration changes, such as components replacements, in SAP system

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Maintenance Planning Executive

Act as the primary coordinator on matters relating to customers’ aircraft
Evaluate task cards and provide quotations for aircraft maintenance work
Prepare works programmes and flowcharts for aircraft checks
Conduct input meetings on the state of preparation and readiness of the checks

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Partnership Management Executive

Oversee the financial performance of the SIA Engineering Company Group’s subsidiaries, joint ventures (JV) and associate companies in Singapore and overseas (“JVC”)
Ensure achieve accurate and timely financial reporting
Analyse JVC’s financial reports and monitor JVC’s business operation performance in order to minimise operational, credit and counter parties’ risk
Assist JVC in its new businesses and restructuring including constructing business models, obtaining approvals, handling transition matters and any legal documentation

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Sales Executive

Secure sales contracts to achieve yearly sales targets
Manage relationships with clients locally and overseas for retention and expansion
Coordinate with the different production units on customers’ requirements and contract terms

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Sales Executive (Fleet Management )

Secure sales contracts to achieve yearly sales targets
Manage relationships with local and overseas clients for retention and expansion
Gather market intelligence and conduct operational studies or market research where necessary in the formulation of strategies
Assist in the preparation of quotations, proposals and contracts
Coordinate with the different production units on customers’ requirements and contract terms

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Value Analysis Executive

Perform studies to evaluate and select proposals on target areas for technology adoption
Work closely with domain experts within the innovation team to prepare and present business case of various projects based on technical feasibility and Return of Investment (ROI) potential
Analyze and set Project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and design mechanisms for tracking project results against KPIs
Work with project managers within the innovation team to prioritize projects, assign resources and create timeline estimates which are consistent with organizational financial and strategic goals

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Equipment Operator

Operate aircraft tow tractor for pushback/towing of aircraft to customer flights as assigned
Carry out equipment check and ensure equipment are in good and tidy condition
Report all equipment defects immediately to the Store for defect rectifications
Refuel aircraft tow tractor as and when required.

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licensed Aircraft Engineer

Perform and certify aircraft maintenance tasks including inspection, repair, modification and functional tests

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IT Manager

Manage the Company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure including administration of the system, budgeting and overseeing IT needs of the organisation
Direct the strategic design, development, acquisition, management and implementation of an enterprise-wide technology infrastructure
Establish and direct the strategic long-term goals, policies and procedures for the IT department
Determine long-term systems needs and any hardware acquisitions needed to accomplish the organization business objective
Evaluate and implement new computerised systems to improve work processes and enhance existing computerised systems and e-business activities to meet new business needs

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Procurement Manager

Analyze the supplier landscape and pre-assess potential new suppliers, build and reinforce relationships between the company and its suppliers both current and, where opportune, potential.
Organize and manage request for supplier proposals, evaluate supplier proposals and perform supplier selection in line with the Company’s policies, having obtained the required Company approvals, and subsequently represent the Company in negotiation of contracts and close these contracts in accordance with the Company’s policies and having, where necessary, obtained the required Company approvals.
Perform the activities and responsibilities required as the Company’s Purchasing Authority for goods and services, including delegate designated activities and responsibilities to other functions in the Company’s organization and oversee the execution of these activities.

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Quality & Safety Manager

Ensure that the Company delivers all maintenance activities according to Quality Manuals and Quality standards of the Company in line with CAAS, EASA and FAA requirements and customer satisfaction
Ensure that Company procedures required for Part 145 approval is set up and maintained
Review local procedures prior to submission for integration in the Maintenance Organization Manual and approve the relevant documents
Establish the audit plan and ensure the follow up and closure of any non-conformances identified, review of opportunities for improvement, and as applicable revision to processes or procedures

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Senior Manager / Manager Engineering Planning

This person will assume overall responsibility for the Engineering Planning Department (EPD) in the Fleet Management Division.
The position will report to the Vice President Fleet Management & Procurement.

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Aircraft Maintenance Lincence Trainee

Selected candidates will undergo a 44-month training programme leading to the award of a professional licence in aircraft maintenance.
Through classroom and practical training, you will acquire the skills to service and maintain aircraft, advanced engines, sophisticated flight computer systems and electronic flight instrumentation. Candidates will receive generous training allowance during the duration of the training.
On successful completion of training, you will be appointed as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer (LAE) and you can look forward to a rewarding career in the aerospace industry with opportunities for overseas postings and career progression.
Outstanding LAEs will have the opportunity to progress to executive and management positions.

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Aircraft Trainee Technician

Selected applicants will undergo a comprehensive classroom and practical training programme to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become an Aircraft Technician.
Upon successful completion of training, you will be appointed as an Aircraft Technician and perform maintenance, servicing and overhaul of aircraft. Aircraft Technicians who perform well will have the opportunity to become Certifying Technicians and a select few may also become Licensed Aircraft Engineers.

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