Saturday , September 18 2021

Mentor IMC Group Career Openings | South Korea | UK | Singapore | Australia

Mentor is an internationally-focused organisation and actively promotes the integration of each of its offices to fully support our clients. Communication between offices is performed to coordinate and deploy the managerial, technical, financial and administrative resources necessary in ensuring optimum service performance to our clients.

Full understanding of localised matters, including immigration, taxation, education, housing and logistical matters – ensures the smooth and efficient delivery of our services.

Mentor’s internationally-based offices jointly participate in providing the delivery of our services. High service efficiency is attained as our integrated management systems and processes allow for any given assignment to be accessed and worked upon simultaneously in the active business day of each of our regional offices. Coordinated results are made by our active regional offices of appropriately qualified and experienced resource specialists, thus optimising service efficiency.

Job Title Location Click Here
Technical Safety Enigneer South Korea Apply
Senior Process Engineer South Korea Apply
Contracts Engineer UK Apply
Senior Quality Surveyor watford Apply
Senior Quality Surveyor watford Apply
Contract Manager London Apply
ICSS Engineer Australia Apply
Mechanical Completions Enigneer Singapore Apply
Mechanical Engineer Texas Apply
Lead Planner/Scheduler Texas Apply
Senior Geologist Indonesia Apply
Lead Process Engineer London Apply
Electrical Grid Maintenance Manager Saudi Arabia Apply
Project Manager Saudi Arabia Apply