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Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation | Pennsylvania

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploitation and exploration of oil and gas properties exclusively in the continental United States. As of December 31, 2015 the Company had approximately 8.2 Tcfe of total proved reserves. Cabot continues to refine its operating focus, narrowing its natural gas development effort to the Marcellus Shale in northeast Pennsylvania and its oil development effort to the Eagle Ford Shale in south Texas.

Accounting Specialist

Coordinate activities relating to AP function including coding, approvals, posting invoices and employee expense statements.
Organize incoming invoices and statements; log expenditures; post to ledger books; input and retrieve data on the computer terminal and process invoices.
Verify vendor data; correct payment/discount terms and prices and input material transfer information into inventory tracking system.
Create vendor information on computer terminal system; encode data for government reporting; verify enclosure and remittance.
Communicate verbally or in writing with vendors and Cabot personnel regarding missing documents, change orders or pricing, account charges, standing order balances, encumbrances, and procedures.

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Volume Control Administrator

1. Obtain monthly production forecast for Marcellus production from operations. Analyze forecast with any existing pipeline imbalances to be carried forward and any other factors to determine the amount of gas available to sell. Communicate to Account Executives available gas for sale.
2. Coordinate gas sales information with customers, Account Executives and Marketing administrators
3. Nominate and or confirm gas sales and transportation volumes to pipelines, either on their electronic bulletin boards, or other medium.
4. Keep track of transportation capacities. Post capacity releases. Monitor pipeline maintenance schedules and communicate information to operations and Account Executives.
5. Monitor production and sales volumes daily and communicate balances to Account Executives and operations. Make necessary nomination changes as needed. Contact customers to discuss discrepancies. Maintain minimum pipeline imbalances.

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Production Foreman

1. Ensure that employees work in a safe manner and follow COGC policy.
2. Supervise production activities throughout the District.
3. Work with COGC Land, Regulatory, Engineering and Procurement departments to ensure the success for operations.
4. Coordinate with COGC Marketing, Gas Control, & Mid-stream partners to meet gas nominations and contract obligations.
5. Coordinate with our Mid-stream partners to meet determined TIL schedule, coordinate PMs, and identify efficiencies between the groups.

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Field Operator

1. Maintain maximum gas production or improve daily gas production from wells. This consists of analyzing the wells’ requirements and performing techniques that will allow for fluid removal from well bores. Techniques include flowing wells, soaping wells and fresh water treatment to remove salt blocks.
2. Maintain well locations, tank batteries and company assets.
3. Analyze decline curves to react to negative downturns and volumes and maintain production records that will correlate with decline curves.
4. Track and insert water volumes in EVIN and Green House Gas Information. This includes daily reports to management.
5. Communicate information to management (district and regional management).

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Measurement Specialist

Work in a safe manner. Follow COGC Safety Policies.
Operate company vehicle and analytical devices in a safe manner.
Be available for shift work and callouts as needed, including holidays, nights and weekends.
Assist in the installation of gas measurement and control equipment.
Perform Operational Readiness Assessments prior to production facility commissioning.

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