Monday , November 29 2021

CC Energy Development Job Openings

CCED was established in 2007 with the aim of acquiring exploration and development assets in the Middle East, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In November 2007 CCED acquired the shares of EnCana International (Oman) Ltd.
CCED Oman is the operator of Blocks 3 & 4 in the Sultanate of Oman where it has made several discoveries and is currently producing over 28,000 bopd. Through its associated companies, CCED has accumulated over 20 years of exploration & production experience in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry both as an operating partner and non-operating co-venturer in partnership with other major IOCs.

Reservior Engineering Team Lead
Senior Exploration Geophysicist
Senior Development Geophysicist
Senior Exploration Geologist
Senior Development Geologist 
Senior Commercial Analyst
Senior financial Analyst
Field Well Intervention Supervisor
Field Operations Manager
Field Production Operator
Field Distributed Controls System Operator