Monday , November 29 2021

Careers at Heerama Marine Contractors | Netherlands

Heerama Marine Contractors Careers in Netherlands : Heerama Marine Contractors was founded in 1948.HMC has assembled itself a strong worldwide notoriety in the seaward business. Initially for the transportation and establishment of altered oil and gas stages, remaining on the seabed. Furthermore, for the expulsion of old stages toward the end of their working life. In any case, now, progressively, we are helping the business to push back its own limits. By empowering it to work further and promote from the drift, for instance, and in ever more profound water. Opening up oil and gas fields at these extremes, where conditions are frequently exceptionally troublesome, has required an exponential increment in the scale and many-sided quality of the essential framework.

Master Internship Structural Engineering 2018 (February – June)
Bachelor Internship Structural Engineering 2018 (February-June)
Internship Film & Animation Editing
Graduation Thesis – Effect of Time-Varying Current Loads on Station Keeping
Graduation Thesis – Sea keeping CFD simulations semi-submersible crane vessels
Graduation Thesis – Simulating a cranedriver “agent” with Artificial Intelligence
Graduation Thesis – Subsea ROV image processing
Graduation Thesis – Pipelay Tower Fatigue Estimate
Graduation Thesis – Design & Analysis group – Subsea Department
Internship Graphic Designer