Monday , November 29 2021

Bam international Job Openings | Netherlands

BAM International is a subsidiary of Royal BAM Group, one of Europe’s largest contracting companies active in construction, property, civil engineering, public-private partnerships, mechanical and electrical contracting and engineering in 30 countries across the globe.

BAM International deploys the contracting activities of Royal BAM Group outside Europe. Until some years ago we were known as Interbeton or by the name of our subsidiaries, such as Harbourworks, Decorient and Higgs & Hill. Those names have been changed to include the BAM Group name. Along with other sister companies we benefit from the collective financial strength, know-how and experience that lie within our Group.

HR Officer

Contributing to arranging and making employment contracts, assignment procedures and visa requests, for assignment of employees to our international areas: Asia Pacific, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Americas. This in accordance with internal guidelines and international standards, to ensure that working conditions and procedures are correctly and consistently applied;
Managing, processing and monitoring of changes in personnel and organisational data;
Processing of questions from management, employees, HR departments in the international areas, using the systems provided for this purpose and based on own knowledge to ensure accurate information is provided efficiently;
Coordinating the performance management program cycles;

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Functioneel Applicatiebeheerder IM (MS Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint)

het vertalen en vastleggen van functionele specificaties en inrichtingsspecificaties voor betreffende applicatie-omgeving, het analyseren van wijzigingen van/in informatiesystemen en softwareconsequenties om een goede vertaling te kunnen maken naar wijzigingsvoorstellen van de applicatieomgeving
het aansturen, bewaken, implementeren en beheren van de aan jou toegewezen changes en/of (deel)projecten van de business-applicaties
het bewaken en bijdragen aan het oplossen van problemen op de business-applicaties om de betrouwbaarheid en beschikbaarheid van de applicatie-omgeving te kunnen borgen
het verzorgen van eindgebruikersondersteuning en het verhelpen van functionele incidenten, problemen en vraagstukken voor betreffende applicatie-omgevingen met als doel de applicatie optimaal te laten gebruiken en de eindgebruikerstevredenheid te verhogen

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(IT) Asset Manager (MT functie)

Ontwikkelen en onderhouden van het assetbeleid, normen, processen, systemen en metingen die de organisatie in staat stellen om het assetportfolio met betrekking tot risico’s, kosten, compliance en business-performancedoelstellingen te beheren
Je onderhoudt een IT-assetadministratie en ontwikkelt een assetplanning
Je houdt toezicht op het assetportfolio en werkt met alle afdelingen die betrokken zijn bij de aanschaf, implementatie, beheer en onkostendeclaraties van IT-assets.

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Pool Project Commercial Manager

safeguarding rights, managing risks; ensuring contractual and commercial correspondence, submission of variations, valuation and claims are addressed to meet the requirements of contracts;
supporting the Project Manager in subcontract negotiations, agreeing terms and contractual conditions;
providing tender support including prices, enquiries and tender clarifications;
leading procurement processes to ensure delivery within budget and time frames;

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International Project Manager

in posession of a higher or university level degree in Civil Engineering and or Construction Management.
at least 10 years of practical experience with a contractor working on construction projects outside of Europe.
A couple of years experience as a Project Manager on marine and/or civil construction projects outside of Europe with a contractor.
English language fluency (spoken and written).

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