Saturday , January 22 2022

Latest Jobs at National Marine Dredging Company | UAE

National Marine Dredging Company  Careers : National Marine Dregging Company is the Middle East’s Marine Industry Leader,The company was founded under Emiri Law No. 10, issued by the UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. We turned into an open business entity in 1986, with a rough 45% shareholding, and the staying separated between the Government of Abu Dhabi and different neighborhood associations. We are a semi-administrative element and have been instrumental in the practical, infrastructural, monetary, common and societal advancement of Abu Dhabi in the course of recent decades.

1. Senior Geotechnical Design Engineer
2. Works Manager
3. Project Manager
4. Contracts Manager
5. Tender Manager
6. Water Boss
7. Dredging Superintendent
8. Dredge Master
9. Cheif Engineer
10. Tug Mechanic
11. Dredge Mate
12. Construction Manager
13. Project Surveyor
14. Senior Coastal Engineer
15. Project Engineer
16. Site Engineer
17. Marine Works Superintendent
18. Project Superintendent
19. Rockwork Superintendent
20. Surveyor
21. Lab Technician
22. Draughtsman
23. Survey Electronics Engineer
24. Buyer
25. Offshore Marine Coordinator
26. Senior Contracts Engineer
27. IT Support Engineer

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