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Khansaheb Civil Engineering L.L.C Job Openings | UAE

Khansaheb Civil Engineering L.L.C. was founded in 1935, making it the longest standing contractor in the United Arab Emirates.
Since then Khansaheb has developed into the highly respected company that it is today – a company renowned for professionalism, integrity, high quality and reliable delivery, and ultimate customer satisfaction, with experience across all building and infrastructure sectors.


Foreman / Senior Foreman Building

• To provide the operational management of operatives to ensure the effective delivery of production within the section
• To construct and deliver the allocated section of work within a specified timeframe with correctly allocated resources
• To understand the technical requirements of the work and be able to explain the same to others
• Ensure safety compliance and promote safe working practices
• Monitor construction activity on site to prescribed quality standards.
• To focus on waste reduction.
• Calculate area, volume, quantities, weights and measures for materials required at site
• Training of supervision

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Works Managers

• To be the significant contributor to the successful delivery of the project through the provision of management, technical, engineering and practical judgement and expertise throughout the life cycle of a project, using the ‘team’ philosophy.
• To provide a safe working environment for all employees, subcontractors, suppliers, Clients and visitors.
• Own the project programme and ensure timely delivery in terms of cost, specifications, and client satisfaction.
• Provide technical guidance to the site, and resolve critical site issues.
• To optimise utilisation of men, material, equipment and staff.

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Site Engineer / Senior Site Engineer

• To provide site engineering and technical skills and expertise for the construction process.
• To ensure that all relevant technical information is available to the construction team at a zero defect level.
• To target and assist in the delivery of engineering excellence in safety at assigned site
• To deliver a product as per Client’s requirements and to KHANSAHEB Quality Standards and with a determination to uphold our ‘Zero Defects’ Policy.
• To eliminate waste in all forms including labour, materials, plant and staff, especially targeting the prevention of rework and to get it ‘right first time’.
• To gain knowledge and experience and earn a reputation for innovative engineering expertise and excellence

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Facility Manager

• Discuss and agree with the Operations Manager the resource requirements at the commencement of a contract and regularly review requirements as service delivery proceeds.

• Review the productivity of operatives and labour to ensure efficient working. Minimise client and customer complaints aiming to achieve 100% client and customer satisfaction in providing a quality service completing all jobs first time and as the SLA

• The regular monitoring and reporting of service delivery.

• Attend Client / Managing Agent progress meetings.

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Facility Engineer

• Maintains standards and procedures for equipment repairs and maintenance and institutes new procedures to increase efficiency of labour and product use with the approval of the Facilities Manager.

• Reports any unusual incidents, guest complaints, suggestions and other special topics to the Facilities Director as required.

• Requisitions supplies as required via the Technical Services Department store man. Verifies Orders when received and follows up on Orders not delivered on time because or delay or back-order.

• Monitors Maintenance Request system

• Supervises the testing of new products for the Department with the agreement of the Facilities Director.

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Facility Supervisor

Be fully responsible for the full spectrum of specialist HVAC and Electrical maintenance works for properties under his care
 Supervise servicing and maintenance works done by technicians and contractors
 Liaise with contractors on maintenance works
 Issue maintenance works order (MWO) form to technicians
 Follow up on actions taken for these works orders, tenants’ complaints and requests
 Ensure technicians are executing their works in accordance with their job descriptions
 Response to emergencies and breakdowns

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Soft Services Supervisor

• Record in the daily logbook any absenteeism, late arrivals, requests for leave.
• Conduct briefing and assign work verbally to the Cleaners and ensure that they collect location keys and the appropriate cleaning materials to start work on time.
• Check the routine cleaning that is carried out on daily basis and ensure that the quality of the cleaning is up to the set standard. Note any deviation from the routine cleaning schedule and any special jobs carried out in the daily logbook.
• Attend safety meeting and training sessions and operate in accordance with the instructions received.
• Supervise the section to ensure that staff carries out assigned work in accordance with standard operating procedures and adheres to all safety standards. Conduct employee appraisal on a yearly basis.

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• Preparation, submission, and negotiation of tender proposals.
• Securing of a potentially profitable work stream for the business by ensuring that bids are prepared in a timely manner, are attractive to our customers, and meet the company’s requirements.
• Operating in an as efficient a manner as possible by promoting consistent practices, utilising information technology, and using feedback from actual projects
• Seeking to improve competitiveness by innovative thinking. Engaging all disciplines into the work winning process
• Prepare prime cost estimates and Post tender feed out information.
• Prepare Quantity Take.

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Senior QA/QC Engineer

• Provide/assist inspections and advisory services to enable Business Units to execute works according to KHANSAHEB and Client’s requirements.
• Conduct surveillance and reviews of the quality system, including subcontractors and suppliers where appropriate.
• Assist the Quality Line Manager in liaising with managers and external organizations on issues relevant to quality and in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System.
• Proactive approach to improve quality of work at site, minimise rework and demonstrate continual improvement.
• To assist the organization of phased Inspections
• Raise the profile of Quality with in the construction team by promoting Best Practice.

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Resident Male Nurse

· Provide emergency care & first aid to the project site. Coordinate with the safety dept for activities related to employee’s health & medical compensation.

· Collection of workers health data.

· Provide medical awareness n first aid

· Coordinating with the transport for emergency cases.

· Meticulous observation of the ill signs of workers and reporting on the same to the site management for appropriate action.

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