Thursday , December 2 2021

Khansaheb Civil Engineering L.L.C. Job Openings | UAE

Khansaheb Civil Engineering L.L.C. was founded in 1935, making it the longest standing contractor in the United Arab Emirates.
Since then Khansaheb has developed into the highly respected company that it is today – a company renowned for professionalism, integrity, high quality and reliable delivery, and ultimate customer satisfaction, with experience across all building and infrastructure sectors.

We are proud to have participated in the development of the UAE and to have delivered a number of the country’s most iconic and important projects.


• Preparation, submission, and negotiation of tender proposals.
• Securing of a potentially profitable work stream for the business by ensuring that bids are prepared in a timely manner, are attractive to our customers, and meet the company’s requirements.
• Operating in an as efficient a manner as possible by promoting consistent practices, utilising information technology, and using feedback from actual projects
• Seeking to improve competitiveness by innovative thinking. Engaging all disciplines into the work winning process
• Prepare prime cost estimates and Post tender feed out information.
• Prepare Quantity Take.
• Able to manage subcontract enquiries and understand the specification and drawings required.
• Create reports on detailed Sub-contract and Material adjudication.
• Conclude fully considered tenders for departmental settlement.
• Implementation of company practices in tendering.

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Senior QA/QC Engineer

• Provide/assist inspections and advisory services to enable Business Units to execute works according to KHANSAHEB and Client’s requirements.
• Conduct surveillance and reviews of the quality system, including subcontractors and suppliers where appropriate.
• Assist the Quality Line Manager in liaising with managers and external organizations on issues relevant to quality and in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System.
• Proactive approach to improve quality of work at site, minimise rework and demonstrate continual improvement.
• To assist the organization of phased Inspections
• Raise the profile of Quality with in the construction team by promoting Best Practice.
• Assist the Quality Line Manager in liaising with package managers and external organizations on issues relevant to quality and in the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System.
• Provision of inspection assistance services to enable the Business Units to execute works as per Client requirement.
• To ensure better quality standards of the finished products by consistent monitoring of the process and proper production sequence.
• Assist in Documentation and implementation of ISO: 9001:2000 Business management systems

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Resident Male Nurse

· Provide emergency care & first aid to the project site. Coordinate with the safety dept for activities related to employee’s health & medical compensation.

· Collection of workers health data.

· Provide medical awareness n first aid

· Coordinating with the transport for emergency cases.

· Meticulous observation of the ill signs of workers and reporting on the same to the site management for appropriate action.

· Contributing for Fire Evacuation mock up drill.

· Any other duties assigned by the Safety Dept.

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