Thursday , December 2 2021

International Monetary Fund Job Openings | US | India

The International Monetary Fund’s Middle East and Central Asia Department manages relations with 32 countries spanning from North Africa to the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia and the Caucasus. The department, and its 170 employees, provide advice to policymakers on macroeconomic policies and structural reforms aimed at promoting macroeconomic stability and sustainable and inclusive growth

Investment Officer /Senior Investment Officer (INV)
Division Chief (COMIN)
Research Assistant
Division Chief/Assistant Director
Tax Administration Resident Advisor
Recruitment Mission to Southeast Asia and Australia
Economist/Senior Economist
Projects Officer
Contractual Economist / Senior Economist
Investment Officer/Senior Investment Officer
Senior Human Resources Officer
National Accounts Statics Resident Advisor
Resident Macro-Fascal Advisor for Cambodia
Communications Officer
Recruitment Mission to the MENU Region
Regional Public Financial Management Advisor for South Asia
Regional Public Financial Management Advisor,based in Ebene