Wednesday , December 1 2021

Brunel Job Openings | Qatar | Singapore | Netherlands | Malaysia

Today, we’ve grown into a global service provider with over 11,000 employees in 104 offices across 37 countries. For the year ended 2015, we had an annual turnover of €1.229 million, and we’re listed on Euronext Amsterdam NV and included in the Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX).From a small office in Delft in The Netherlands, graduate engineer Jan Brand finds a temporary job for a fellow engineer. This first placement is the beginning of an era in worldwide temporary employment. With its emphasis on finding temporary jobs for highly qualified technical specialists, Brand’s company (called Multec) is contributing to the stability of local and international labour markets.

Job Title Location Click Here
Signs Officer Qatar Apply
Internal Auditor Qatar Apply
Lab Technician Qatar Apply
Customer Service Administrator Qatar Apply
Head of Procurement Qatar Apply
CAD Technician Qatar Apply
Customer Service Caseworkers Qatar Apply
Competence Engineer Netherlands Apply
Mechanical install Engineer Netherlands Apply
Lead Engineer Netherlands Apply
Business Development Manager Malaysia Apply
Accountant Singapore Apply
Marketing Manager Singapore Apply
Development Geologist / Geomodeller Singapore Apply
Business Development Manager Singapore Apply
Software Architect Netherlands Apply
Front-end Engineer Netherlands Apply
Medior Software Netherlands Apply
Clearcase Expert Netherlands Apply