Wednesday , July 28 2021

Boral Job Openings | Australia

Boral is an international building and construction materials group, with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. With some A$4.4 billion worth of sales, Boral had 8,356 full-time equivalent employees working across over 550 operating sites as at 30 June 2015.

Boral produces and distributes a broad range of construction materials, including quarry products, cement, fly ash, pre-mix concrete and asphalt; and building products, including clay bricks and pavers, clay and concrete roof tiles, concrete masonry products, timber, plasterboard, and lightweight trim and siding. Boral primarily serves customers in the building and construction industries with operations concentrated in three key geographical markets – Australia, the USA and Asia.

Project Manager
Drilling supervisor
Procurement Specialist
Quality Management Representative
Concrete & Quarry Laboratory Technicians
Credit Officer
Concrete Fleet Allocator
Account Manager
Concrete Batcher in Charge
Site Supervisor
Administration Officer
PGH(NSW) Sales Manager
PGH(NSW) Marketing Coordinator
Yard/Plant Operator
Payroll Officer
Maintenance Planner & Scheduler
Planer Operator/Maintenance
Credit Officer
Manager – Infrastruture Operations
Infrastructure Analyst
Project Engineer
Team Leader
Trade Store Operator
Contracting Manager
Resource/Logistis Allocator
Depot Operator/Trainee Trasport Allocator
Customer Service Representative
Architectural and Speciafication Manager
Customer Service Representative
Sr Development Engineer
Build & Release Lead
ICT Asset Manager
Marketing Manager
Sales Service Officer
Contracting Manager
Sr Acoutic Engineer
Drill Operator
Part Time Compliance Officer
Spray Sealing Foreman
Plant Operator
Plant Supervisor
State Compliance Manager
Level 6 Production Operator
Concrete Batcher in Charge