Thursday , December 2 2021

Boral Building & Construction Materials Job Openings

From the Ground Up – Boral’s First 50 Years should be seen from both these perspectives. Moreover, by chronicling the development of Boral in the context of postwar Australia, it provides a number of interesting perspectives on how business has changed during this time. Three distinct periods can be observed – the postwar growth, the acquisition era through to the end of the 1980s and the current era of increasing competitiveness, lower growth and low inflation. The value of the work is not simply to provide a description of Boral but also to create the opportunity to contrast Boral’s situation with that of other Australian corporations. A number of similarities and differences stand out.

HR Business Partner

Provide high-level advice and guidance on complex Employee Relations and Industrial
Relations matters
Review and development of Position Descriptions
Roll out Code of Conduct training
Implement fair call process and required infrastructure
Support local business with HR needs
Work with USG Boral Operations and Leaders to deliver sustainable cultural and business improvement projects.
Develop and project manage workforce projects on new and existing sites
Drive a change management agenda that transforms workplace culture and drives.

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Plant Operator

Operating & monitoring of a PLC driven production plant
Multi skilled mechanical repairs
Onsite laboratory duties
Remote operation of other FAA plants
Other production related duties as required by the business

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Truck and Dog Driver

Delivery of quarry materials which includes responsibility for compliance with axle weights tolerances and using smart track system to capture data
Ensuring customers and the general public are treated in a courteous and professional manner and the vehicle is presented clean and tidy
Conducting daily checks on the vehicle and reporting maintenance required
Teamwork/working with all personnel

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Laboratory Technician

Sampling and testing of asphalt
Field sampling and testing on project sites
Generating reports on test results and accurate record keeping
Calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment
Follow Inspection and Test Plans to carry out production and compliance testing, and
Maintenance of the laboratory in accordance with NATA accreditation requirements

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Batcher in Charge – Concrete
Concrete Batcher
Contracting Manager
Sales Service Officer
Trasport Scheduler / Allocator
Graduate – Sales(Port Melbourne)
Plant Operator
Laboratory Technician